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At Pilote we have a passion for car culture and our underlying ethos is to deliver a bespoke customer experience. This has fuelled a drive to bring about Pilote Detailing, offering our in-house expertise to help you maintain and protect your investment.

Upon arrival at Pilote, your vehicle will undergo a full inspection to assess the work which needs to be carried out as well as a report detailing the vehicle’s condition. For our paint correction and coatings packages, every panel will be assessed to take paint depth measurements.

We aim to offer a comfortable, stress-free experience whilst your vehicle undergoes its revival. Thus we are pleased to announce that our brand new lounge will be available for you to relax, enjoy a drink and peruse some of our automotive art. We can also offer our client workspace if you require a quiet environment to conduct phone calls along with WiFi access to ensure business remains uninterrupted.

See below the services we have to offer. There is a range of three options for you to take advantage of; every package includes a Pilote Detail with our two premium options (Pilote Preserve and Pilote Protect) adding either an application of paint sealant or paint correction with ceramic & interior coatings.



Throughout the detailing process we take the utmost care for your vehicle, starting by washing with a ph-neutral shampoo via dual-bucket wash method to ensure any surface particles (grit etc.) are removed before the introduction of a wash mitt.

Non-acidic citrus-based cleaning solution is used on alloys with a non-abrasive horse hair brush.

Nooks and crannies (wheel arches, door shuts, fuel cap etc.) are then cleaned.

The drying process involves a high-power blow dry and the use of deep-pile microfibre towels.

The final wash phase sees the dressing of door trims, exterior plastics and tyres.

Interior surfaces, windows and trims are cleaned with all carpets also vacuumed.


The paintwork is oiled before application of the wax sealant.

A clay bar is then used to remove bonded surface contaminants from paintwork.

The application of a body solvent removes ingrained substances such as bird dirt, tree sap and bug splats as well as tar, grime and other oily contaminants.


The paint surface is finally coated in a carnauba based wax.
For further coating options, take a look at our premium packages below.




CLEAN and CLEANSE as above.


Treated with Safegard’s protective shield, impurities and imperfections are removed from within the paint finish. Its unique formula actively bonds to the paintwork, providing multiple layers of durable protection over a lasting gloss and enhanced paint finish.
This coating repels water and creates a protective barrier to deflect everyday pollutants such as sunshine, bird lime, tree sap and road salt.
After this application, washing is no longer a chore!

Safegard’s interior protection adds an invisible waterproof barrier to upholstery, not only making it easier to clean but also resilient against permanent stains.
Drips, leaks and spills can be dabbed up with as little as a tissue, meaning you can enjoy your morning coffee without the fear of any nasty accidents.




CLEAN and CLEANSE as above.


A vehicle examination is undertaken using a paint depth gauge, inspecting every panel to determine the required level of correction.
The car is then prepared for polishing with plastics, badges and delicate trim either masked or removed.
Depending on the severity of paint defects, the vehicle is polished in up to three stages. After the necessary stages are complete, a final refinement is completed to remove marring, increase clarity and create a glossy finish before the paintwork is degreased with an IPA to remove polishing oils.
Head and tail lights are machine polished before all windows are polished using Swissvax Glass Polish and exhaust tips are finally polished using Swissvax Metal Polish.


Zirconite’s ZQ9h Quartz Nano Coating forms a permanent bond to all surfaces and forms a protective layer resistant to scratches, chemicals, corrosion, oxidation and ultraviolet damage. It also increases and protects gloss levels whilst its hydrophobic properties not only repel water, minimising water spotting, but ensure your vehicle stays clean for longer.

1 Stage – £399
2 Stage – £499
3 Stage – £599

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