Driven by Pilote

Driven by Pilote

In August I had the chance to spend a week in the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe Turbo, what a car!

From the moment you jump into this near 2.5 tonne SUV, you immediately ascertain that you’re cocooned in something exceptional. Leave any baggage you may have about its looks at the door, and a machine of superlatives will be your reward!

The Turbo I drove was launch specification with nearly every option ticked including the expensive PCCB (PORSCHE CARBON CERAMIC BRAKES). While there’s an ongoing debate from fellow petrolhead’s about Carbon Ceramic brakes for the road, I would say this option would be top of my list. They work wonderfully well with the PASM system (PORSCHE ADAPTIVE SUSPENSION MANAGEMENT) and turn this into something akin to the world’s most desirable hot hatch beater! Covering A and B roads at an unnerving rate of knots and offering the driver great confidence through tight twisty turns with just a playful hint of oversteer.

In summary, if you’re looking for a twist on the super estates offered by AMG division in Alfalterbach or Audi RS division in Ingolstadt, then this Porsche ticks every box.

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